Young Guns Wild West Fun Park 2013 Summer Schedule

We have a busy summer ahead of us. If you’re nearby, join us at the Fair for some Wild West Fun!


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Be sure to leave a comment and we can send it to your fair board and HOPEFULLY we will see you again next year!


  • June 14, 15, 16                                            Divide County Fair, Crosby ND
  • July 10, 11, 12, 13, 14                                Stutsman County Fair, Jamestown ND
  • July 11, 12, 13                                              Blaine County Fair, Chinook MT
  • July 17, 18, 19, 20, 21                               Gallatin County Fair, Bozeman MT
  • July 18, 19, 20 ,21                                      Rosebud, Treasurer County Fair, Forsyth MT
  • July 23, 24, 25, 26, 27                               Park County Fair, Powell WY
  • July 25, 26, 27, 28                                      Weld County Fair, Greeley CO
  • August 1, 2, 3, 4                                           Campbell County Fair, Gillette WY
  • August 5, 6, 7, 8, 9                                       Laramie County Fair, Cheyenne WY
  • August 7, 8, 9, 10, 11                                   Garfield County Fair, Rifle CO
  • August 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17                       Wyoming State Fair, Douglas WY
  • August 28, 29, 30, 31, September 1, 2    Twin Falls County Fair, Filer ID
  • August 28, 29, 30, 31                                    Ravalli County Fair, Hamilton MT
  • September 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15                Utah State Fair, Salt Lake City UT
  • September 11, 12, 13, 14, 15                       Washington State Fair, Puyallup WA

If your family enjoyed the WILD WEST FUN PARK at your fair- be sure to leave a comment and hopefully we will see you again next year!

35 comments to Young Guns Wild West Fun Park 2013 Summer Schedule

  • Tammy Achter

    Thank you for the fun setup- so well organized and adorable. My kids had a great time. Please come back next year.

  • Allie

    Please bring “Young Guns” back to the Twin Falls fair next year! This was wonderful for the kids. I loved having a fun, hands-on place for my young children to enjoy. There were wonderful with the children! Thank you, thank you.

  • Ann @ Utah State Fair

    We had such a great time at your booth! You had the greatest assortment of activities and all very fair oriented! This was THE ONLY spot at the fair that my kids just played and played and played! We had to drag them away! Hope to see you again next year!

  • Em Horman @ Washington State Fair

    Thank you so much for the WANTED postcard! What a fun keepsake to have of our children enjoying the fair. They loved the play area and can’t wait to do it again next year. Thanks for making the fair that much more enjoyable!

  • Julie @ Washington State Fair

    Please bring Young Guns back to the WA State Fair next year! Thier set up was great for the kids and it is so nice to have something at the Fair that doesn’t come with a price tag. My kids would have played for hours! Thanks!

  • Jingying Wu @ Washington State Fair

    Please bring these guys back to Washington State Fair next year! We been to the fair every year, and this time stumbled onto them. They weren’t listed on the map. And my little kid enjoyed the toys and most of all it’s free.. It was great for the entire family rest their tired feet on the hay while the kiddos play with the toys. And thank you for the free wanted photo. Hope to see you all next year.

  • Mandee Cossa @ Utah State Fair

    I forgot to mention the Utah State Fair needs to bring you back! So worth everything! You are the best!

  • Mandee Cossa @ Utah State Fair

    We loved your booth! My kids had a blast! Please come back every year! Thanks for the darling pictures as well! :)

  • Heather @ Utah State Fair

    I was VERY happy with the Young Guns area at the Utah State Fair (9/13/13). We were just about to call it a day and leave when we happened across it. It was so great, we stayed for another hour and a half! Once it started raining, I was especially grateful we’d found this covered area to be under. My kids really enjoyed it and I had to literally pull them away. As I understand it, the owner had shut a few things down due to rain, but it didn’t matter. My 3- and 5-yr old played with the sandbox (plenty of toys, nice sand), hulahoops, play food at the country store, drumming, and calf roping from a saddle. Each area is divided by hay bales, providing lots of seats for adults. I took advantage of their free photo service, and I’m happy I did. I haven’t yet viewed my online (color) pic, but the quick B&W printout they gave us there is ADORABLE! The owner did a great job letting us know what was available (like the photo service) without bugging us. My kids have already asked/begged to return to the Fair just for this area. I really hope the Utah State Fair brings you back annually. Thanks for the free service. My only critique is that I didn’t know you were there or where to find you! (But glad that we happened upon you.) Thanks!

  • That was so cute! Love the picture of my son! Please come back next year.

  • katie @ Twin Falls County Fair

    My daughter loved the young guns entertainment! I hope to see it back again next year, it was great!

  • Shauna Webb @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    My family enjoyed the Young Guns Entertainment area. It was a fun break from the walking and blazing sun at the Twin Falls County Fair. My children loved the different activities, and as a mom, I was very appriciative that there was a place that was cool (temp-wise) to take my children to entertain themselves free of charge. Thanks! Hope you make it to Twin Falls County Fair next year!

  • Angela Keaton @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    Our kids loved your activities at the Twin Falls Co fair!!it was a nice break for us and they enjoyed a break from walking thru all the Agriculture buildings. We hope you will be there next year!!

  • Beth @ Ravalli Co Fair

    We were so happy to see young guns back at the fair this year. It is a wonderful place for young family’s to come play. Everything is so clean and organized. Hope you are back next year!!

  • Rochelle Vine @ Ravalli Co Fair

    Thank you so much for coming to our fair! The kids loved it! Hope to see you next year!!

  • Jessica @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    Jessica @ Twin Falls CO Fair
    Me and my family enjoyed Wild West Young Guns Fun Park. Hope its back next year .Very friendly and loved the free wanted picture .

  • Teresa Webber

    Thank you so very much for this. I was very pleased and happy to have this kind of entertainment and activities for the kids at the fair. I hope you will be able to return again next year. Thank you again.

  • Cara @ Garfield County Fair

    My kids loved Young Guns! It was a great place for them to unwind and have some fun. Hope to see you again next year!

  • Chris@ Garfield Co Fair

    It was so fun! Our girls loved the contests and the whole area! The Wanted poster picture turned out great! Thank you!

  • Chad Werner @ Laramie Co Fair

    Our kids enjoyed the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park at the Laramie County Fair so much that they asked to come back again and again. Hope to see you again next year!

  • Kassy Tharp

    We really enjoyed you coming to town

  • Autumn @ Rosebud Treasure Co Fair

    The Young Guns Wild West Fun Park was our family’s favorite part of the Rosebud County Fair! We have 3 children (2-6) and about 6 adults in our party and Young Guns won hand down for everyone. It was the perfect place to cool down with some shade and every activity center was thoroughly enjoyed! And it was free! Please bring Young Guns Wild West Fun Park back to Forsyth, Mt!
    One thing that would make it even nicer would be either big coolers of water and cups or bottled water.

  • Bruce Gilsenan

    We had a good time !

  • SJ @ Weld Co Fair

    Enjoyed the Young Guns Area @ the Weld County Fair! Please bring them back next year! They are good people & have a great set up for the little ones. Thanks for having them this year (2013).
    Sue J.

  • wes hartman @ Weld Co Fair

    We took our two grandchildren to the Weld Co. fair on 7/26/13. Boy, did they enjoy the activities at Young Guns! I thought the set up was age appropriate and covered a wide range of skills, wih each section really fun! The kids felt very independent there and, even though we spent a lot of time there, whenever we walked by going to another event, they always stopped and played some more. I certainly hope that the Weld Co. fair will always invite Young Guns.

  • Chris Petersen @ Park Co Fair

    Great activities for the younger kids with friendly and engaging staff. A welcome reprieve from the hot sun. Please bring these guys back next year!

  • COME ON BACK!!!! Thank You for a wonderful wholesome exhibit.

  • Tiffanie @ Rosebud-TreasureCo Fair

    Loved it ! Our kids had a blast would love to see it next year

  • Tina @ Gallatin Co Fair

    This was amazing and the kids really enjoyed it!! Please bring back!

  • Amy @ Stutsman Co Fair

    Had a great time with my little one at the Stutsman County Fair visiting the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park! Great activities for the younger kids with friendly and engaging staff. A welcome reprieve from the hot sun and expensive games. Also loved the free picture!

  • Brandy carter @ Gallatin Co Fair

    Loved it! My son had so much fun. Hope to see you at the fair next year!

  • Melissa @ Stutsman Co Fair

    Young Guns Wild West provided one of the best entertainment activities for our 2 and 4 year olds!! The men running the “town” were extremely friendly and welcoming. We sure hope Stutsman Co Fair brings this attraction back.

  • Lynette @ Stutsman Co Fair

    Thank You Young Guns Fun Park for being a part of our fair this year! My kids enjoyed the sandbox and my little boy especially enjoyed the bean bag toss & hearing all the sounds each square made! I would really like to see you guys come back next year! And thank you for the free Wanted photo!

  • Toni Larson @ Stutsman Co Fair

    My son really enjoyed the Fun Park at the Stutsman County Fair. He would have stayed longer if I hadn’t wanted to get home. I was tired. Hopefully you will be back next year & he can spend more time there. We really like the “Wanted” picture.

  • Mike @ Stutsman Co Fair

    Please bring these guys back to the Stutsman County Fair next year! We usually only go once per week, but will be attending the fair multiple times this year because of Young Guns. Our 7mo old had a blast banging the symbols!

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