On the Road to Dodson, Mt

We set up Hilary in Bozeman for the Gallatin Co Fair and I left for Dodson to set up for the Phillips Co Fair.

I left bright and early at 6:30 in the morning for the 300 mile trip north. About halfway north the roads really turned bad. I ended up blowing a tire and using the spare. Not more than 30 miles down the road the spare blew out. I had to back track to the nearest town to get two new tires before I was underway again. I made the terrible mistake of not filling up with half a tank and after 140 miles of not seeing a single gas station, I found one with about 15 miles left in the tank in Hays.

Dodson turned out to have a nice little fairground and I’m looking forward to setting up in the morning for the start of the fair. I’ll work for the next four days from 1pm to 9pm each day. Stop by and say Hi!


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  • DoDee Oxarart @ Phillips Co Fair

    We loved the Young Gun Fun Park. My kids couldn’t get enough of the beanbag toss. Loved it. The gentleman running the park was super friendly. All of the activities were so much fun. Thank you so much for coming to our Dodson County Fair. We hope to see you next year.