NEW FEATURE- download your WANTED poster

I’m working on uploading ALL the photo’s we take at the fairs. As you might guess this is A LOT of photo’s. I’ve started with the Gallatin Co Fair which you can see the link on the right. You can click on the link then find the day you were at the fair and then look for your photo. You should be able to print or download the photo to your computer!
We print the photo’s in black in white for the “old time” look but we actually take the photo’s in color.

Be sure to leave a comment when you look for your picture and we’ll forward the comments to your fair and hopefully they will bring us back next year for some more fun!

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  • Teal @ Butte Silverbow Co Fair

    Thank you for coming to Butte! My two little kids had an absolute blast! Everything you had was clean and organized and so well thought out!!! I really hope you see you back!! Thanks again!