Gallatin Co Fair 2012

This is our second year at the Gallatin County Fair in Bozeman, Mt and we LOVE IT!  We try to arrive early so we can enjoy the historic downtown area a little bit before the business starts with the fair.

The staff is great, making this fair a real pleasure.  We’ve been fortunate to be located inside the hockey rink building on the fairgrounds, which provides relief from the sun and wind.  For the second year in a row, we have had wonderful families visit us at the Wild West Fun Park with very supportive comments.

Here are the photo albums of ALL the photo’s we took at the fair.  The first album is “fun” shots of people in the Fun Park, including some special guests!  The other albums are organized by day and are ALL the WANTED pictures!

PLEASE Leave a Comment if you enjoyed the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park at your Fair! Feedback is the only way your fair knows if an attraction was popular. We’ll forward your comments to your fair and hopefully we can come back next year and have some more fun!

2012 Gallatin Co Fair Fun Photo's
2012 Gallatin Co Fair 7-18
2012 Gallatin Co Fair 7-19
2012 Gallatin Co Fair 7-20
2012 Gallatin Co Fair 7-21
2012 Gallatin Co Fair 7-22

15 comments to Gallatin Co Fair 2012

  • Fr. Daniel Mackay @ Lane Co Fair

    My daughter and I loved having the “Wanted” photo…a great offer to the community. We’d love for you to return.

  • Jenica Couture @ Gallatin Co Fair

    We would love to have you at the Gallatin County Fair every year!

  • Rachel Beasley @ Phillips Co Fair

    My kids and I just got back from the Phillips County Fair in Dodson, MT. I have twin 2 yr olds (girls) and was feeling doubtful about how long I would be able to stay, even though my older kids were having a blast. Your Fun Park station was a godsend! I was able to send the older kids off while I sat and chatted with a friend in a child-proof environment. It was clean, fun and most importantly SAFE! Thank you for going through the time and effort to make this happen for us. It turned a potentially miserable outing into an enjoyable day. The only tears we experienced from the little ones was when it was time to leave! I sincerely hope we get to see you again next year. Thanks again and God bless!

  • Erik-Shayley Simanton @ Phillips Co Fair

    So wonderful to have you at the Phillips County Fair! Thanks for coming!!

  • Abby Leigh Resch @ Park Co Fair

    Playing the drums and having the best time at Young Guns Wild West Fun Park at the Park County Fair.

  • Jenna Hays Baxter @ Park Co Fair

    Our little boy had a blast at your wild west park at the Park County Fair. Thank you so much for providing some fun and entertainment for our 20 month old. Hope to see you guys back in Powell next year!

  • Teresa Lochrie @ Butte-Silverbow Co Fair

    My daughter had a blast at your wild west park at fair in Butte!! Hope to see you again next year!! Thanks for picture too

  • Meridith Meyer Johnson @ Campbell Co Fair

    My four children and I were just at the Campbell County Fair, Gillette, WY and we had SOOO MUCH FUN at your Wild West Fun Park! In fact, we spent all of our time at your park and didn’t make it to anything else at the fair today!!! I loved the keepsake picture–it is already on the fridge!! Thanks for the fun!

  • Amanda Moeller @ Campbell Co Fair

    My daughters really enjoyed your play area at the campbell county fair. We would love to have you back next year.

  • Jaimie White Sutton @ Lane Co Fair

    Our kids really enjoyed the play area and it was great to have a picture taken of them at the “wanted sign” and have it printed right there for FREE!! What a creative space! Hope to have you back next year at the Lane County Fair in Eugene, ORegon!!!

  • Cari Christensen-Herrera @ Wyoming State Fair

    Thank you for coming to Wyoming! We had so much fun in your park!

  • Janelle Koenders Anderson @ Wyoming State Fair

    Thanks for coming to the Wyoming State Fair. My kids loved it and so did I. It is nice to have something for the younger kids to do and a place for the parents to relax and enjoy watching the kids. I hope you get to return next year! It was awesome.

  • Lisamarie Wright @ Lane Co Fair

    We loved hanging out at The Young Guns Wild West Fun Park this year at the Lane County Fair in Eugene OR! We hope to see you next year!

  • Jessica Halverson @ Wyoming State Fair

    Thanks for coming to the Wyoming State Fair! It’s a long week for little kids like my 1 and 4 year old. This is exactly what they needed- a place to play that was fun and safe! You did a wonderful job! Please come again next year!

  • Aimee Beltz @ Lane Co Fair

    Thanks for coming to the Lane County Fair in Oregon! We had a great time!