Ravalli County Fair 2012

I’m here with the kids for the Ravalli County Fair in Hamilton, Montana. Hil hurt her back on the last day of the Wyoming State Fair in Douglas, Wyoming and trying to recover in Jackson, Wyoming. The kids and I drove up and really enjoyed the drive until we hit all the smoke from the fires around Darby, Montana. Visibility dropped to less than a mile. I couldn’t tell if the mountains were a mile away or a 100 miles away, the haze was so bad.

Despite the haze, the Ravalli County Fair has a wonderful fair. The fairgrounds are lush and green. There are plenty of great food vendors and entertainers. The carnival paints a rainbow of lights at night. All in all a classic Americana county fair.

We are working 12-8 everyday of the fair. One night I’ll take the girls and enjoy the rest of the fair and ride some carnival rides. This is our last fair of the season and we’ll try to soak in enough “fair ambiance” to last the rest of the year.

I’ll post the photo’s daily on the this page. Keep checking for your photo. You can download, email, or print it out in color for FREE!

PLEASE! Leave a comment if you enjoyed the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park at the Ravalli County Fair. I’ll pass the comments onto your fair so we can come back again and have some more fun next year!

2012 Ravalli Co Fun Photo's
2012 Ravalli Co Fair 8-29
2012 Ravalli Co Fair 8-30
2012 Ravalli Co Fair 8-31
2012 Ravalli Co Fair 9-1

12 comments to Ravalli County Fair 2012

  • Julie

    We have 5 children ranging from 15 yrs old to 1. It was great to have a FUN place for the younger ones while the older ones did what they wanted to do. My older ones were said that they were ‘allowed’ to play. It was great!

  • Mandy

    My son and his friends ages 2-3yrs LOVED the play area, hope it is there again!

  • Sonni rosenbaum

    Love the pic of my daughter and friends son! Thank u hope ur there next year!!!

  • Happy Mom!

    Young Guns was a GREAT addition to the Ravalli County Fair! It was safe, near shade, and lots of fun.

  • jenny @ Ravalli Co Fair

    This was a fun little shady stop for us. Loved having a free picture to take home with us. We hope you return next year!

  • Happy Family @ Ravalli Co Fair

    Loved having you at the fair! Kudos to the Fair Board for inviting you and thinking of the Fair experience for all! Kudos to Young Guns Wild West Fun Park for a professional, fun, enriching presentation! It was engaging, clean, and well thought out! Thank you!

  • Brenna Faulk @ Ravalli Co Fair

    LOVED the play area, and so did my 4 yr old. 😉
    Hope to see it back next year!
    Thank You.

  • Beth @ Ravalli Co Fair

    My son loved the play area. He is 15 months old and it was one area he could get out of his stroller and really play! He would have stayed all day. And I really enjoyed the free picture. Hope to see you at the fair next year!

  • Debbie Lawton @ Ravalli Co Fair

    Debbie @ Ravalli Co Fair
    I am from Missoula and it was great to go to the Hamilton fair and have a lot of activities for the kids. Hamilton fair truly is family oriented and the kids loved playing at the Wild West Fun Park. Thanks for the all the fun!

  • Elke @ Ravalli Co Fair

    We are really pleased to have you there at the Hamilton Fair. This is a great addition to have children play in safe and fun area. Even the parents join in the play fun. Hope to have you back in Hamilton.

  • Jessica @ Ravalli Co Fair

    WE really enjoyed your play area! It’s so nice that it is free and in a shady location. What a great idea!!! Thanks!

  • Norma Becker @ Ravalli Co Fair

    My grandson really enjoyed the wild west fun park at the fair. For a 3 year old it is hard to “not touch” all afternoon so it was nice to have a place to play (while gramma sat down for a bit) I hope you are invited back next year! What s great free attraction for kids!