Butte-Silverbow Co Fair

This is our second year at the Butte-Silverbow Co Fair and we have a great time. So many of the wonderful families we met last year came back for a new WANTED poster and the kids were wonderful. I was personally very happy we didn’t have the terrible rain storm this year like we did last on the last day of the fair. The entertainment was great-again! This year I made it a point to explore the historic, old town of Butte and I had a great time meeting with some very nice people.

Thanks again to the Staff and Volunteers of the Butte-Silverbow county Fair! We hope to see you next year!

You can download your color WANTED photo once you’ve found your picture by clicking on the ‘options’ button.

Butte-Silverbow Co Fair Aug 2, 2012
Butte-Silverbow Co Fair Aug 3, 2012
Butte-Silverbow Aug 4, 2012

2 comments to Butte-Silverbow Co Fair

  • Heather

    I have young children and REALLY enjoyed your booth at State Fair in Douglas, WY. Would love to have you back…do you do other events besides fairs and are you coming back this year?

    • admin

      Hi Heather- We’re so happy you’re family had a great time at the Wyoming State Fair. Tentatively, I believe we will be coming back in 2013 for another great state fair. We’re waiting on the ‘powers that be’ before we’ll know for sure.

      We mainly work fairs. Because the set up takes so long and we have to travel many hundreds of miles to each event, we prefer events that last at least three days.

      We hope to see you at the fair again this year,