2013 Twin Falls County Fair

Download your FREE WANTED poster in COLOR! Find the day you were at the fair and then scroll through the photos until you find your picture. Download is an option.

If YOUR family enjoyed the YOUNG GUNS WILD WEST FUN PARK at your fair this year- PLEASE leave a comment and we will let your fair know how much you want us to come back next year! Hopefully, we will see you again for more WILD WEST FUN!

August 28, Twin Falls Co Fair 2013
August 29, Twin Falls Co Fair 2013
August 30, Twin Falls Co Fair 2013
August 31, Twin Falls Co Fair 2013
September 1, Twin Falls Co Fair 2013
September 2, Twin Falls Co Fair 2013

20 comments to 2013 Twin Falls County Fair

  • K. Williams @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    This was a great idea for kids. I really appreciated the picture that we received for free!

  • Stephanie Coelho @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    Thank you so much for coming out to the Twin Falls County Fair. The girls absolutely loved it!! Wish you’d come out to the Jerome County Fair & Rodeo in Jerome, ID. They need something like this for the little ones. It was so nice to have that covered, cool area for the little ones to play, not all kids are about the rides! :) Thank you again, Coelho Family.

  • THE LOPEZ @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    Simply the best to anyone visiting the fair. Memories make the best from any entertainment and this Young Guns made the best to any kid and relative for a memory to share for free. I hope to see this Wild West Fun Park back to Twin Falls Fair in Filer.

  • Jackie @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    Such a fun a cute exhibit for the kids to play in! I hope you are there next year!

  • Helen @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    My three kids LOVED it!!! Getting such a creative and cute and free photo taken was just fabulous! I would love to download ours, from the 2nd, but I can only see six photos and none of them are ours. I bet you’re super busy with them though, so I’ll keep checking back for them :)
    I hope that you can be there again next year and I am adamant that we will be and this time we will be sure to spend more time in the Wild West Fun Park! :)
    Thanks so much again! You’re fantastic!!!

    • admin

      Hi Helen,

      We uploaded ALL the photos from the 2nd the same night after we broke down when the fair ended. I checked again today and there are 115 photo’s uploaded from the 2nd. I know it can be confusing looking through all those pictures. The pictures are loaded chronologically. The earlier you had your picture taken during the day-the closer to the top of the photos they will show up. If you arrived closer to 8pm- it will be near the end of the photo’s. Hope you can find your photo.

      Young Guns

  • Erin @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    This was a great place for my 1 year old to play and run around! Twin falls invite these guys back!!

  • Ilene @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    my grandson had his wanted picture taken on September 1st at the Twin Falls County Fair i have been checking the site so i could download it in color and his picture has not been posted.by any chance do you know when the rest of the photos for that day will be posted?

    • admin

      Hi Ilene,

      We do our best to upload every photo the day they are taken. Sometimes adults request the photo’s to be deleted and not uploaded to our website but otherwise we upload every photo. In total we took somewhere about 750 family photos at the Twin Falls County Fair. Your photo ‘should’ be in the September 1st photos. We do not correlate names with the photo, so we have no way to identify any family in the photos. I hope you can find your photo in the September 1st gallery, otherwise we hope to see you next year at the fair! We are happy to provide this free souvenir for your visit to the fair and pleased it means so much to you.

      All our best,


      Young Guns

  • LaRosa @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    All 4 of my grand kids loved your park… We so hope to see you there next year..

  • Ranae Rhodes @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    what day will you having sep.1 pictures up here.

    • admin

      Hi Ranae,

      I’m working on that as we speak. We had 144 photo’s to upload and then when they are uploaded I have to link them to the Young Guns Website. By 10:30am they should be available. Thanks Again for joining us at the Twin Falls Co Fair!

  • Emily @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    My kids sure enjoyed your booths at the Twin Falls County Fair! Loved the pictures, and we were so tickled to get a free picture! Thanks!

  • Jared @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    My kids absolutely loved playing in your fun park! We love the picture. It turned out great. Hopefully the fun park can come back next year.

  • Heather @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    This was definitely my two preschoolers favorite part of the Twin Falls County Fair. They had been tired and complaining to go home, but when we arrived at the Young Guns Wild West area they played for over an hour and didn’t want to leave. And I loved that I could sit on a bale of straw to rest my legs while I watched them. I hope it returns again next year. Thanks for the picture too. I forgot my camera. :)

  • Angie @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    Such a fun time! Nice little ‘time out’ for the kids to enjoy.

  • lorna west @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    grandson loved it !!! i cant find his pic from the 29th :( i looked on all 3 days also

    • admin

      Lorna, if you can come by Young Guns we can take another photo. So far we have taken approximately 450 family photos while at the Twin Falls Co Fair and we do our best to make sure each one is uploaded every night.

  • Sally Vincent @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    My granddaughters loved your fun booths at the Twin Falls County fair this year. I let them play for an hour at all the different choices available, and they wanted to stay even longer!! LOL I hope the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park gets to return next year!!! THANKS!

  • K Andersen @ Twin Falls Co Fair

    We loved it! It was a great place to relax and let the little ones have some fun. That is the longest we have stayed at the fair.