2013 Utah State Fair

Download your FREE WANTED poster in COLOR! Find the day you were at the fair and then scroll through the photos until you find your picture. Download is an option.

If YOUR family enjoyed the YOUNG GUNS WILD WEST FUN PARK at your fair this year- PLEASE leave a comment and we will let your fair know how much you want us to come back next year! Hopefully, we will see you again for more WILD WEST FUN!


Sept 10, Utah State Fair, 2013


Sept 11, Utah State Fair, 2013
Sept 12, Utah State Fair, 2013
Sept 13, Utah State Fair, 2013
Sept 14, Utah State Fair, 2013
September 15, Utah State Fair, 2013

10 comments to 2013 Utah State Fair

  • Shayne Taylor @ Utah State Fair

    Our kids ha an absolute BLAST at the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park! They can’t wait to come again next year. By far, it was the highlight of our visit to the fair.

  • Desaray @ Utah State Fair

    We thought it was awesome, our girls didn’t want to leave. Hope to see you again!

  • Jenna @ Utah State Fair

    Our little boy had so much fun in the Young Guns Entertainment area! It was so nice to have a kids area where we could let him get out of the stroller for a bit and explore and have fun! It was a very nice bonus that it was completely FREE!! Thank you so much. Hope to see you guys there for years to come!

  • Me-Mah L. @ Utah State Fair

    What a great addition to have something FUN for our 2-year old to enjoy at the Fair. We spent a ton of time there and the FREE photo was such a surprise. Great group of people … and would love to see them return next year.

  • wade & margie wilker

    We loved this great addition to the fair, it was nice to have something different, thanx for a great time! Loved the picture taking, it is nice to have something for free! Look forward to next year. p.s. great pics of my family:)

  • Nicole @ Utah State Fair

    I took my 4-year old and 2-year old to the fair and this was their favorite part. Thank you so much!

  • Maureen Ford @ Utah State Fair

    We absolutely loved it! Please come back next year. Thank you!

  • Mandee Cossa @Utah State Fair

    This was one of the best ever kids booths! They can’t wait to do it again next year!

  • Kristen Page @ Utah State Fair

    We loved this area so much! I came home and told all my friends with kiddos and they couldn’t wait to go and check it out! Everyone one was so fun, and we really enjoyed the corner full of books and toys for my little one. Please come back next year!

  • Rasmussen @ Utah State Fair

    This was an excellent addition to the Utah State Fair, especially for younger children!!! What a treat to have entertainment for the children without having to pay. Very creative!