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So, How IN THE WORLD did we ever come up with the idea for the Young Guns Fun Parks?

Back in the day, I was a real estate developer in Atlanta, Ga.  After the economy up and died in 2008 we lost everything.  We had to start from scratch with a infant and just about nothing else.

We ended up in the food concession business selling mini-donuts and frozen drinks.  I would operate the booth (first a tent then we built a trailer) and my wife, Hil, would watch our first child, Emma, and our newly born second child, Charley Bella. After a season of working fairs in the Rocky Mountains, Hil recognized from personal experience there weren’t a lot of activities to occupy children who didn’t meet the height and age requirements for the Carnival rides.

Based on her background as a performing artist and a teacher and my background as a designer and builder, Young Guns Wild West Fun Park was born!

We hope you enjoy the attraction and we appreciate any comments!

JC McDowell

11 comments to About Us

  • Eva @ Washington State Fair

    I think it was great playground for kids away from the tv, video games, something fun that makes then to play like we used to do in our early years!

  • Melinda Bauer @ Divide Co Fair

    My son and nephew really enjoyed hanging out in the young guns fun park. Great idea to keep the kids entertained.

  • Sandy @ Divide Co Fair

    My 2 year old absolutely loved playing at Young Guns Wild West Fun Park. There was many activities to chose from. She could play with her friends, with me, or by herself. She spent at least 2 hours there 3 days in a row and never was bored.

  • Julie @ Ravalli Co Fair

    We have 5 children ranging from 15yrs. old to 1 yrs. old. All of my children would have loved to stay at the Young Guns Fun Park the whole day becuase there was so much to do & it was FUN! It was great when the older children wanted to go on rides & the younger ones could play & do something really entertaining for them. Thanks for being there for us!

  • Katrina Matten @ Ravalli Co Fair

    We absolutely loved ‘Young Guns Fun Park’ at the Ravalli County Fair. We hope to see you next year, as I relax and my two cowboys play in a clean, safe, and fun environment. Thank you very much!!!!

  • Grandma @ Ravalli Co Fair

    Thank you for the picture. It was nice to have a free picture for my granddaughters to remember the fair. Later in life, it will bring back the memories of the fun they had with Grandma at the 2012 Ravalli County Fair.

  • PB&T @ Ravalli Co Fair

    We had a great time, it was a wonderful place for our young son to play and for us to relax! Also loved the free picture of the family, very fun!

  • Dayna Eakle @ Ravalli Co Fair

    Loved this! My kids absolutely loved it. Spent lots of time here! And its free. The pictures are great..So cool that they printed out right away. Thank you! Hope to see this again next year!!

  • Cassidy philbrook @ Ravalli Co Fair

    It’s a great place to take your kids to have fun, Awesome idea for the kids

  • Craig C. @ Ravalli Co Fair

    We were glad we found you guys! Our 3-year old had a blast and we spent almost an hour exploring all the games.

  • Misty Sisson @ Ravalli Co Fair

    Relaxing and shady, what a wonderful idea for a place to take your young children.

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